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  • Bob Beverley

Sharp - Wasted days, wasted nights, wasted decades

What do you do if you know that you have wasted a lot of your life? Wasted days, wasted night, wasted decades! If you feel that way, aren’t the optimistic productivity dudes and dudettes so annoying? Their cheerful advice is often counterproductive because it makes us messy mortals feel even worse about ourselves.

What to think? What to feel? What to do?

On behalf of all us procrastinators, fearful do nothing-ers, despair ridden animals buried in guilt, I say forgiveness is a gift to you and me and we need it desperately. Forgiveness is not earned because we got it all done. It cannot erase all the harm we did or did not do. Forgiveness says that we are FOR GIVING and so you are given the chance to accept grace and mercy and to give us and yourself the gifts you have to give.

Give us the best you got.


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