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  • Bob Beverley

Sharp - Grandiosity vs. realism

It’s easy to have a vague picture in your head of your fantastic, ideal life.


You are going to read all your important emails, listen to all the mind boggling podcasts you signed up for, and keep up with all your friends on Facebook. This kind of free floating ideal is always impossible, not even close to do-able, laughable and a sure sign of common, low grade mental illness. Not that I am laughing at you. You can’t even compete with me in this score. I have already won the Olympic Gold Medal for the most out of touch fuzzy unrealistic “thinking” swirling in the circus of a human brain.

The fancy word for this in the therapy world is grandiosity. Jung called it “elevation.” The alternative is realism, a sense of limitation, and conscious accurate diagnosis of your life.

What vague unrealistic ideal is actually bringing you down?

Join the conversation or tell me personally below.

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