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  • Bob Beverley

Sharp - Listen to your brain when it tells you simple things

At 5:30 p.m. I noticed that my phone had only 34% battery charge. I did not bother to reach in my briefcase, pull out my phone charger and walk 7 feet to plug it in.

Tired? Lazy? Knees hurting? Entitled battery charge user? Hey, I did set the alarm clock so I would not spend the night in my office.

I forgot about the power levels in my phone as I fell asleep, dreamed about something, and woke up twenty minutes later wondering where I was. I love that feeling. What is it called?

When I got in my car I remembered that my bluetooth needed serious charging. So that got plugged in. Who needs a ticket from a cop or worse effects from distracted driving?

After talking to a few people, I called a client and was just about to make a major point that I guarantee would change his life, make him millions, and grant him eternal life...and my phone died.

A dark screen translated to a simple message: Listen to your brain when it tells you simple things like charge your phone, call that friend, pay that bill, and do not go too close to

that edge of the steep cliff.


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