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  • Bob Beverley

Sharp - Never refuse money or a compliment

A few weeks ago I went to give a $20.00 tip to the golf cart guy at Dinsmore. I had told him before the round that I was going to take him out to dinner because I was going to get a hole in one. Needless to say, that came within 20 feet of happening. The woman in the pro shop actually gave us the back 9 holes for free, so even though I did not get my ace I was in a great mood. Sunny day. Playing golf with my son for Father’s Day. He paid. We (mainly he) shot two over par with Best Ball. And the golf cart guy is a really nice man.

So the cart guy is on one side of the cart standing by it. I am on the other side of the golf cart. I throw a $20 on the seat between us. The guy backs away and holds his hands up as if I tossed a rattlesnake his way. He says “I can’t take that. Noone has ever given me that big a tip.”

I told him what I’m telling you.

Never refuse money or a compliment.

The IRS will take your money no questions asked and people will hurl criticism at you as if it is a welcome $500.00 bill.

Never refuse money or a compliment.


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