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  • Bob Beverley

Sharp - Meditation

“The meditation practice that I've found that works best for me is something called choiceless awareness or nonjudgmental awareness. Where you essentially don’t sit in a corner and don’t stay quiet. You walk around. You’re going about your daily business but hopefully there’s some nature around and you’re not talking to somebody else. And what you practice is you just learn to accept that moment that you’re in without making judgments. You don’t say: oh, there’s a homeless guy over there; I better cross the street. You don’t look at two people running by and say he’s out of shape, or I'm in better shape than him or that person’s better than me, or this one’s better, or I should go get a coffee, or whatever. You just don’t make any decisions. You don’t judge anything. You just accept everything. And if you do that, I find if I can do that even for ten or 15 minutes walking around, I end up in a very peaceful, grateful state. So that one work swell for me.”

--from an interview between Tim Ferris and Naval Ravikant


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