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  • Bob Beverley

Sharp - Where are you sinking?

I imagine there is something you are scared to stop doing that has cost you time, energy, money and aggravation. You are scared to stop because that would be admitting that you were mistaken. You prefer instead to plough on as if everything is fine and you are not capable of egregious error. This is the “sunken cost fallacy” in action. Best to have the painful awareness that you are a mere mortal like the rest of us, prone to folly and blindness and stubborn waywardness; best to have the guts to correct your course before things get worse. Do it today because hidden shame and lower self-esteem are building in your soul and will also only get worse. It will feel so good to stop the bleeding.

We all bleed.

If you need more courage, think of all the people this very day who are standing up at an AA meeting and admitting that they have spent decades messing up their life with alcohol. Decades. If they can count the cost, you can too.

Where are you sinking?

Stop it. Stop it today.


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