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  • Bob Beverley

Sharp - Clutter

It doesn't take a genius to know that the 130 tons of garbage taken from the home of Homer and Langley Collyer harmed their life in eviscerating fashion. We probably do not want 25,000 books, 14 pianos, pickled human organs or rusty bed springs in our homes.

Our "clutter" probably hurts us imperceptibly.

An untouched piano.

Unread books.

Photos that haven't been looked at in thirty years. Files filled with totally finished business.

It's only 420 pounds of neglected stuff, but it distracts us, mildly chides us, slightly wastes our energy, and doesn't make us feel lean, focused, tight and lithe. Clutter dullness. Clutter fatigue. Almost imperceptible in its hurt. So close to imperceptible that it is so easy to do nothing about it.


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