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  • Bob Beverley

Sharp - Unsung Heroes

The world is filled with unsung heroes. Look for them.

It is millions of good people doing all the good things who are the true #heroes of the world. Unsung heroes perhaps, but heroes nonetheless. Think of one unsung hero in your life and feel your heart's gratitude for that person.

I'm thinking of my step mother, Mary, who made the quilt that will keep me warm tonight. She passed a ways back and in the cradle of faith went to meet my father in a far off place where there is no arthritis of any kind, let alone the rheumatoid version that he had for more than 40 years. What Mary did for my father in his final days, why words cannot say, and in fact who has ever adequately extolled the virtues of the unsung heroes.

I'd love to hear about your unsung hero. If you want, comment below or write me personally and tell me about your Mary. Let's sing about the #unsungheroes.

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