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M Y   B O O K S 


Sharp Vol. 1

In the first volume of his Sharp series, Bob Beverley draws from his lifetime of experience as a minister and psychotherapist to offer witty, practical and unflinchingly honest kernels of wisdom to help you practice keen living in a tough world.


Sharp Vol. 2

In the second volume of his Sharp series, Bob Beverley once again draws from his lifetime of experience as a minister and psychotherapist to offer witty, practical and unflinchingly honest kernels of wisdom to help you hone your emotional edge.


Emotional Elegance

Emotional elegance is the ability to manage our emotions in a thoughtful, sophisticated way that leads to a better world for all concerned. And yet we know that managing our feelings and our lives is a very difficult task, at times seemingly impossible.


Inside the pages of “Emotional Elegance,” you will find clear directions and pathways to the making of meaning–to help you get back on track and stay on track. It is a creative playground that will help you fill in the gap between where your life is now and where you dearly want it to be. 


Dear Tiger: A Book for

Tiger Woods and for Us All

In thirty five letters to Tiger Woods, psychotherapist Bob Beverley illumines the possible dynamics behind the fall of Tiger Woods-dynamics that are a part of every human life. He offers wisdom on relationships, affairs and the many ways we cheat ourselves and one another. He explores related issues of guilt, shame, forgiveness, leaving people behind and starting over again.This is a book written for real people with real problems-who want to make their life better.If you want to throw stones at Tiger Woods, do not buy this book. If you want to be wiser about relationships, your inner life and the illusions of our world, buy this book today.


Why Bother

This book is meant to be a shot in the arm, an upper, an antidepressant. So when you are feeling down, when you find yourself thinking, “Why bother?” I hope this short book will get you feeling that things matter, that your life matters... because it does.


Peace etc.

A gripping journey through open-heart surgery and more to explore the depths of fear, the heights of hope and the peace that can be discovered in-between.


Accompanied by the stunning photography of David and Julie Spagnolo, "Peace Etc." will change the way you look at the world—and yourself—forever.


How to be a Christian 

and Still be Sane

A rare combination of therapeutic and Christian wisdom to help you discover the following: hidden dangers in modern Christianity, essential tools for emotional growth and fighting fear, and guidelines to the true power of spiritual health. Let the wisdom of How to be a Christian and Still Be Sane protect you from unknown spiritual poisons and greatly enhance your spiritual health.


The Secret Behind

The Secret Law of Attraction

Its followers believe it is the secret formula, known through the ages by various philosophers and mystics and scientists, that guarantees easy access to the success we ve always dreamed of. And so they say, enough is enough to the ignorant, blind, obstacle-ridden, hard life that millions of people are living. Live The Secret and you will bypass the unnecessary frustrations, long learning curves, and tortuous detours that seem to have humanity by the throat.

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