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  • Bob Beverley

Sharp - Differing political views

You hate or love President Trump. Your mother loves him or hates him. And now you aren’t sure you love your mother!

What to do?

What to think?

What to feel?

Whether we are talking about President Trump or Prime Minister Trudeau, President - Elect Joe Biden or Mike Pence, or President Reagan or the merits of Prime Minister Winston Churchill vs. Margaret Thatcher...

  1. Your mother probably loves you more than they do.

  2. You know your mother way better than you know any of them.

  3. I imagine that each of those politicians is privy to things that you do not know.

  4. Are you willing to back up your views with research and thought and attentiveness to opposing views?

  5. Don’t make enemies heedlessly or needlessly.

  6. “There is no joy in blame.” (Roy in “A Place to Call Home”)

  7. Remember all the things you have been so wrong about, and you didn’t have a clue that you were wrong at all.

If you read between the lines, I am implicitly endorsing humility, confidence and perspective. The humility to not be a know it all. The confidence to believe in your values. The perspective of the bigger picture, such as “Don’t lose your mother in order to win an argument you can’t possibly win.” Go visit your mother!!”

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