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  • Bob Beverley

Sharp - Some things just have to wait

You know what the day before vacation is like, don’t you? Been there, done that!

Been there, not done that! Because of the deadline of a plane’s takeoff makes you see all that you can do when there is a full stop or a full start!! So you feel like God, given all that you get done. And then the day goes on and you see all that you have not done, and reality brings you back to earth and you realize you are a mere mortal. You need help. You can’t do it alone.

You can’t get it all done.

And so some things just have to wait.

For example, I was going to write 20 new amazing sharps for you before my plane takes off at 8:15 a.m. I do not want to write Sharps on my vacation. But now it is 1:42 a.m. and I have not started them. Guess what? I saw this reality coming early this afternoon. And so I phoned my faithful web guy, Vince Martinez, and asked him to select 20 Sharp passages from my book “Emotional Elegance” and you will be getting them from him.

I figure if I can’t remember writing whatever he selects you, won’t remember reading them.

And it isn’t bragging if someone else implicitly says “This touched me. I like it.”

Meanwhile, be sharp. You can get a lot done. You can’t do it all. Get help.


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